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Iron Speed Customers

Iron Speed Designer is used worldwide by thousands of customers. See how much time and money they saved!

Government and Non-Profit
Health Care
Transportation and Logistics
Financial Services
Business Services
Real Estate Services
Retail and E-Commerce
Energy and Agriculture


View case study Otis Elevator
Otis Australasia Business Applications
"We built working, custom Web apps in hours."
View case study Symbol Technologies
Estimate To Complete
"We didn't write a single command to get or update values."
View case study Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ITT)
ASU Administrator
"Iron Speed Designer saved $20,000 in development cost."
View case study Light Speed Solutions
Enterprise Logistics & Operations
"We saved our client $50,000."
View case study Allied Concrete-Leaman Building Materials, Inc.
Bids Application
"We saved three weeks and $6,000 using Iron Speed Designer."
View case study Techno-Coat, Inc.
Powder Web
"We saved four months of development time and $40,000."
View case study FABSEC
Fabsec Advisory Service
"I had 80% of the application complete in two weeks."
View case study Hong Kong Metal Trading, Ltd.
Trading Management System
"Using Iron Speed Designer saved three months and $15,000."
View case study Datacomm Cables, Inc.
Custom Cable Configuration
"We saved $5,000 with Iron Speed Designer."
View case study Open Latitude
Supply Chain Management System
"This is the best tool I've worked with - it’s simple and flexible."

Government and Non-Profit

View case study US Coast Guard
Integrated Systems Management
"We saved at least $1 million in project costs."
View case study New York Social Services
Records Management Application
"We saved $20,000 and one year of development time."
View case study LA County Mental Health
Outcomes Measures Application
"Iron Speed Designer helped us save time and meet our deadline."
View case study WA Suburban Sanitary Commission
Water Lead Test Tracking
"WSSC built an application to track and update water tests."
View case study Municipality of Rishon Le Zion
Cultural Events Scheduling System
"I saved six months of development time."
View case study GovIS
Victim Witness System
"I completed this project with a net savings of 1,100 hours."
View case study Warren County
Executive Administration System
"We saved $50,000 to $200,000 with Iron Speed Designer."
View case study Efficens Software Ltd.
Open House
"95% of the code was automatically generated for us."
View case study Rotary Club International
Auction Management System
"It took about a day to build a working application."
View case study Crisis Intervention Association of Colorado
Crisis Intervention Teams - Referral Management System
"We saved over a year of development on this project."
View case study Texas Youth Commission
Youth Commission Applications
"Iron Speed Designer generates code that is rock solid!"
View case study CHI Centers
CHI Centers Participant Services
"I estimate we saved 200-300 person hours of development time."

Health Care

View case study The Touro Infirmary
Hospital Intranet Portal
"We saved thousands of dollars with Iron Speed Designer."
View case study OSU Medical Center
Advanced Screening for Active Protocols
"We accommodated frequent changes without hand-coding."
View case study Dataswiss Solutions AG
Emergency Medical Card
"Iron Speed Designer saved us $40,000 in the first year."
View case study OMC Systems LLC
Incident Management System
"We saved $15,000 by using Iron Speed Designer!"
View case study Addenbrookes NHS Foundation Trust
GP Liaison Nurse Database
"We completed the project in three weeks."
View case study Cypress Administrative Services
CPO Approval Application
"I easily saved $10,000 in development costs."
View case study Simple Health & Beauty Limited
Content Management System
"We saved £7000 and three months time in development."
View case study Northampton NHS Trust
Children’s Activity Data
"We saved two months and $28,000 using Iron Speed Designer."
View case study Queensland Sleep Disorders Unit
Patient Register
"I saved six months and at least $20,000."
View case study Jefferson Regional Medical Center
On-Line Patient Bill
"I believe I saved the total cost to hire a full-time .NET developer."
View case study Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
Phoebe Swap Shop
"Using Iron Speed Designer saved two person-months!"
View case study UAI Inc.
Communication Alerting System
"We saved two years with Iron Speed Designer."
View case study OSU Medical Center
Pulmonary Translational Core Portal
"The tool saved us about eight months and $128,000."

Transportation and Logistics

View case study New World Van Lines
International Shipment Tracking
"We saved four months and $40,000."
View case study Devonport Royal Dockyard
Container Tracking System
"Iron Speed Designer saved me months of development time!"
View case study Logan Bus Company
Bus Stop Portal
"We incorporated application changes in a matter of minutes."
View case study PPG&A, Inc.
Visual Freight Broker
"This tool is incredibly cost effective!"

Financial Services

View case study Amlin Insurance
Amlin Reinsurance Project
"It just works consistently day-after-day!"
View case study UNIFI Companies
Ameritas Life E-Report Admin
"I saved three months and $36,000 in development costs."
View case study International Acceptance Pty. Ltd.
WebApps and TangoWeb Systems
"We saved six months and $45,000 on each system."
View case study Capital Farm Credit
Capital Farm Credit Loan
"We saved two months and $25,000 using Iron Speed Designer."
View case study White Box, Inc.
The Books ERP System
"Iron Speed Designer saved us thousands of dollars."
View case study Portland Financial Management Group, Ltd.
PFM Helpdesk
"I saved 1 month and $15,000 with Iron Speed Designer."
View case study ADP
ADP Secure File Transfer
"The project took only took two weeks to implement."
View case study Ray Mueller Consulting
MyExpense Tracker
"I spent 15 minutes generating my application."
View case study Kinesis Consulting
"We saved three months and at least $60,000."

Business Services

View case study Gail & Rice, Inc.
ShowTracker Reporting Tool
"I saved 24 to 40 hours of development time using Iron Speed Designer."
View case study Randstad UK
"I saved the company at least $40,000."
View case study Preferred Testing and Compliance
Preferred Portal
"We saved three months and $30,000."
View case study
"We saved one month and $20,000 in development costs."
View case study InDepth Screening
InDepth Screening application
"We saved six months and at least $80,000!"
View case study Office System I Falköping AB
FreeTime Web
"Iron Speed Designer saves two days with each customer request."
View case study LightSpeed IT Solutions Pty. Ltd.
Multi-site Content Management System
"We saved seven weeks and $20,000."
View case study AllStars Project, Inc.
Box Office Management System
"Iron Speed Designer convinced me it would do the job"
View case study Allwood Consulting
"We estimate that we saved $5,000 in development costs".
View case study Human Capital Services Ltd.
"This achievement would not have been imaginable without Iron Speed Designer."
View case study I.M.S
"We saved six weeks and $14,000 in development costs."
View case study
Nanny Adverts Admin
"I saved £7,000 in development time costs."


View case study Logical Developers LLC
Logical CMS for ASP.NET
"Iron Speed Designer saved me about three months of work."
View case study System Technologies in the Middle East
Customer Support Activity Database
"We saved at least six months and $30,000."
View case study Emphasys Software
Emphasys Call Center View the application
"We saved three months and approximately $10,000."
View case study Inscript Acceptance Test Solutions
Rapid Test Development
"We saved three months and $30,000!"
View case study Digital Legal Services
"We saved four months of development time and $60,000."
View case study West Highland Technology
Inventory Manager
"We completed a nine month project in less than two months!"
View case study Hillside Software
ISO 27001 Compliance
"The project would have taken six times longer by hand."


View case study Foothill College
"We saved almost 30 months of work and $50,000."
View case study AEM Corporation
National Math & Science Initiative
"We saved 1,000 hours of development time and $40,000."
View case study James Cook University
Eidos Collaborative Research Team Generator
"I easily recouped the cost of the Iron Speed Designer license."
View case study Suffolk County Fire Academy
Fire Certification Tracker
"We saved six months and $30,000 using Iron Speed Designer."
View case study National Coalition of Single-Sex Public Schools
Registration Manager
"We saved one month of development time and $3,000."
View case study National Dairy Research Institute
Student Record Management
"The Iron Speed Designer portion of the project took one week."
View case study Janadan Languages and Amgad International
School Management System
"We saved 2,000 hours and $70,000 in development costs."
View case study Simpson Laboratory UCLA
Teaching Applications
"Iron Speed Designer increased my efficiency over 90%."
View case study The University of Texas Health Center at Tyler
The Direct Deposit System
"We saved the hospital about $30,000 dollars this year alone."

Real Estate Services

View case study TheCommissionFactor
The CommFact Application
"We saved $50,000 and two months of development time."
View case study Highland Financial Systems LLC
Real Estate Agent Management
"We saved 650 hours of development and $100,000."
View case study Certeza Land Development Corporation
Land Sales Site Manager View the application
"I saved three months using Iron Speed Designer."

Retail and E-Commerce

View case study MediaCom International
E-Inquiry Management System
"I saved $3,000 and four weeks of development and testing time."
View case study Logical Developers LLC
"I saved more than six weeks and $8,000!"
View case study FILIP informatika d.o.o
FLP Web Shop
"I saved 6 months of development!"
View case study Liberty Shoes
LSR System
"We saved 4 months and 50% of projected costs."
View case study Steve Willie Photography
Photography eCommerce Website
"With a few clicks I had a working web application."
View case study Emma's Bears
Emma's Bears
"I saved a month of development time and $12,000."
View case study Diving Portal
"I created modules for diving shops and diving enthusiasts."
View case study The Invitation Collection
Wedding Guest List
"I saved four weeks and $6,000 using Iron Speed Designer."
View case study ALN Apartment Data
The Vendor Guide
"We saved 3 weeks and $4,000 in development costs."
View case study BTWW Retail LLP
BTWW Retail
"We shaved a year off the project and saved $100,000."

Energy and Agriculture

View case study Capiz Sugar Central, Inc.
Material & Spare Parts Acquisition and Inventory Control System
"I saved more than 100 days of development time."
View case study PFM LLC
PFM Reports
"We saved $56,000 and a month of development time."
View case study Columbia Gorge Organic Fruit Co.
The Crops® ERP Application for the Agricultural Industry
"It handled object oriented-to-relational complexity without issue."

What Customers Tell Us

"Iron Speed Designer is one amazing tool, and very possibly the smartest money I've ever spent. Thank you, Iron Speed Designer, for this really fine, well-polished productivity enhancer. It is the answer to my development prayers."

"Web App in 14 minutes... and that included watching the 5-minute introductory video."

"Iron Speed Designer is "The Best" ... thanks for such an awesome tool and all your fantastic support at answering my technical questions ... Iron Speed Designer makes me look like a miracle Web developer."

"Everyone who previewed the first app I built was very impressed. (I did not tell them that it only took a few minutes to create!)"

"I walked out after your product demo and got my funding approved. It's the first time I've felt strongly enough about a tool to demand money. Now I'm spoiled!"

"I love this software. I was able to create two applications in record time. I have to present my feedback to my superiors tomorrow morning and I plan to highly recommend this product. Thanks for Iron Speed Designer, it's great!"

See What Our Customers Have Built

What can Iron Speed Designer do? See for yourself the actual applications our customers have built.


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