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Product Roadmap — A bright future lies ahead

This roadmap outlines the major themes in our product plans for the next several quarters. It's impossible to cover every feature we might release, but this should give you a sense of where we're headed.

Let us know what you want

Our development priorities evolve based on your feedback. The best way to contribute suggestions is by submitting a feature request support case, posting in our New Feature Requests forum or contacting us directly.

Application enhancements

Over the next few product releases, we anticipate adding these features:

Tablet-optimized pages
Fully HTML5-compliant page styles
RESTful API data access
Inline editing
Multi-column sorting
Combined Add and Edit Record pages

Iron Speed Designer enhancements

Over the next few product releases, we anticipate adding these features:

Streamlined Security Wizard
Expanded property sheet features
Simplified Formula Editor and Code Editor

Microsoft Windows and SQL Server

Our policy is to support released versions of Microsoft products (not beta releases). While we cannot guarantee a specific date our support will be released, we anticipate within 90 days after Microsoft releases its final production version.

Release strategy and timing

We typically release two or three functionality releases per year plus several maintenance releases. We don't forecast release dates since they fluctuate based on specific features and our QA cycle. We prefer to let our QA team dictate the release date instead of the Marketing department.

Keeping up-to-date

Most customers stay current with a software update subscription. It ensures you get the most feature-rich apps possible. A software update subscription includes all functionality releases and maintenance patches released during your subscription period, as well as access to all training classes.

  "It's been a long time since I've seen a software development product with such a simple, modular, and yet sophisticated, design. It's evident that you and your development staff have put much thought and effort into this extraordinary product!"

— David Daugherty, Team Worldwide

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