Easy Code Customization

Iron Speed Designer generates standard C# and Visual Basic .NET applications that are very easy to modify. It's as if you'd written them yourself, but in a tenth of the time!

Short learning curve

All generated applications have the same structure, so your learning transfers from one app to the next. Teams can easily collaborate on projects and maintaining multiple applications is a breeze.

Our code customization tutorial takes you step by step through the code model.

Application web pages

Iron Speed Designer generates sophisticated ASPX pages with database-connected forms, tables and reports. Generated applications use HTML5, CSS3 and native ASP.NET controls — there's nothing proprietary to learn.

Presentation layer

Generated user interface classes inherit directly from Microsoft .NET framework classes.

Business layer

Iron Speed Designer generates easy-to-customize classes for each table and view in your application.

Data access layer

Iron Speed Designer supports database views, multi-table joins and foreign key relationships for building sophisticated master-detail pages. Your application's SQL queries can be optionally packaged as stored procedures for best execution performance.

Multi-database applications
Database views
Inline SQL and stored procedure creation
Concurrency handling and transaction management

Code Customization Tutorial

Ready to learn more? Our in-depth technical documentation guides you every step of the way.
Robert Rivera, Los Angeles County "I can honestly say that Iron Speed Designer does cut your development time by more than half. … I supervise the Application Development unit and I've made it a standard to use Iron Speed Designer for all web-based applications. That's how productive I think the tool makes our developers."

— Robert Rivera, Development Manager

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