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Application Security for Today's Enterprise

Iron Speed Designer's enterprise-class application security features include role-based access control and data encryption that work within your existing corporate framework.

Industry standard security support

Just configure, deploy and run! You can even mix and match security protocols.

Microsoft Active Directory and AzMan
Windows Authentication
Database Authentication
SharePoint Groups

User friendly, yet robust

Single sign-in
Remember user name and password
Lost password retrieval
Automatic sign-out stops identity theft

Data privacy and protection

Sophisticated access control and encryption keep data from prying eyes.

Role-based access control
Component-level access control
Data transmission encryption
URL parameter encryption

  "We have developed over 10 applications using Iron Speed Designer that are used daily by operations and maintenance personnel. We have saved over $200,000 in IT salaries since we did not have to hire IT web developers or IT database experts."

— Reginald D. Thorpe, Information Support Group Leader

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