Iron Speed Designer V6.0.0 Release Notes

Issue Description
11395 VBProj and CSProj files are no longer generated. Designer generates an SLN solution file instead.
11435 The tool box feature has been removed and replaced with a different facility.
11480 The right mouse button can be used to cut and paste in the HTML tab editor.
11753 Project files have been replaced by SLN solution files.
11950 The Export button no longer fails with an "Arithmetic overflow" error.
12048 You no longer have to sign in twice if using role-based (database) security.
12089 Tables can no longer be removed from the application via the Application Wizard.
12203 Master-detail panels can now be created for custom queries where the parent panel is the primary key table and the child panel is the foreign key table.
12683 GEN:Insert tags have been replaced with regions.
12702 A 'send email' feature has been added to generated applications.
12705 A 404 "page cannot be found" error no longer appears in the Design tab which has been replaced with a new layout editing facility.
12760 A minimized Iron Speed Designer now restores properly.
12784 Show Record pages display data appropriately from multi-table joins.
13009 Events are no longer duplicated in migrated applications.
13207 The Task Manager is no longer required to close Iron Speed Designer (to end the process) in certain circumstances.
13216 A migration bug has been fixed.
13298 The visual editor no longer crashes Iron Speed Designer.
13302 The GEN:Text tag used to display "Grand Total" can now be changed to display custom text.
13320 Saving an Edit Record page no longer produces a "Cannot update data" warning message in certain circumstances.
13322 The Panel Wizard and Page Properties dialog now both display the same WHERE clause in their respective Query tabs.
13357 Controls on a menu no longer generate unhandled exceptions when the generated application is run.
13498 A new set of 'table-table' pages has been added to generated applications.
13505 Master-detail panels can now be created for custom queries where the parent panel is the primary key table and the child panel is the foreign key table.
14000 The 'select all' checkbox is now migrated appropriately for versions prior to V4.0.
14264 A 'Genghis' error no longer appears in Iron Speed Designer in certain rare circumstances.
14296 The 'select all' check box is now cleared when new records are loaded.
14505 The HTML layout page editor has been replaced with a new layout editing facility.
14546 Javascript added to pages no longer affects the Design tab visual editor, which has been replaced with anew layout editing facility.
14558 The Image Button, Push Button and Link Button when set to 'Save data on table or record' now save table data appropriately.
14580 A variety of performance improvements have been made in Iron Speed Designer.
14603 The HTMLEncodeValue pass-through attribute works properly with the Rich Text Editor.
14612 The Visible property can be set for ThemeButtons and ImageButtons.
14625 An 'error CS0542' is no longer generated when compiling migrated applications in certain circumstances.
14655 Sign In works appropriately when the user logs in for the first time and the application timed out for inactivity.
14688 The AJAX Calendar control has replaced the previous Date Selector control.
14694 Updated ApplicationWebForm.js to better handle date formatting.
14697 Starting Iron Speed Designer behind the firewall no longer takes a long time to start up.
14700 The large list selector control now handles encrypted URLs.
14723 Code customizations are now appropriately identified during application migration.
14769 The CreateWhereClause_${Name}Filter function is now always generated in appropriate contexts and called.
80032 Dragging a FieldValue control no longer increases the height of the row since the HTML layout editor has been replaced with a new facility.
80046 SetLanguagePage.aspx no longer gets compilation error messages.
80059 The new layout editor no longer requires 'about:about' to be listed as a trusted site.
80284 The Date Selector control is no longer generated for a time (only) field.
80578 The NVARCHAR(MAX), VARCHAR(MAX), and VARBINARY(MAX) data types are now set to the proper length and data validation type.
80589 Improved the 'Get Largest Field Value' code customization to check for when the column has no data and provided more descriptive information.
80598 V6.0 has an associated file name field for file uploads.
80624 The CreateWhereClause_<Name>Filter function is not generated if "Populate filters with all possible values" is selected in the Page Properties dialog.
80879 Text is now deleted properly when text in the “Search Knowledge Base” area is highlighted and 'delete' is clicked.
81435 Saving ASPX files no longer throws errors.
81555 A problem has been resolved where audit trail fields were getting updated in all visible records of a table view instead of just those records that were updated.
81707 Overloaded functions without the bEncrypt argument were added in base classes. This allows functions from earlier versions to work unchanged.
81849 Updated the "Upload a File to the File System" Code Customization Wizard example.
82078 If a WHERE clause references a foreign key column, the generated code's WHERE clause now compares both the foreign key value and the Display Foreign Key As value.
82242 Pages can now be created using Microsoft SQL 2005 based on table names such as "Services", "Events", and "Routes".
82637 Iron Speed Designer no longer grabs the focus except when starting an application (running).
82701 Clicking the Increment / Decrement buttons associated with an invisible textbox no longer gives JavaScript errors.
82999 Generated pages are now W3C XHTML compliant.
83007 Applications with unbound controls no longer generate object reference errors during application migration.
83048 The HTML Quick View editor has been replaced by a new layout editor.
83054 Buttons in a nested table now redirect to the correct page when the page location is set to a different folder.
83079 The LargeListSelector.aspx control in a migrated application no longer has display problems caused by styles not applied properly to buttons and the grid.
83093 A variable named 'AppRelatvieVirtualPath' in generated code files has been changed to 'AppRelativeVirtualPath'.
83105 The Data Import Wizard runs appropriately on 64 bit machines.
83109 Unecessary start and commit transaction function calls are no longer generated for button click events.
83115 The code generator now properly terminates certain lines of code.
83116 Can now use the short pagination control on Table panels.
83125 Searching through a table of country names now gives more complete results.
83127 The large list selector control now works properly when ViewState is set to "cache" instead of "page".
83137 Iron Speed Designer will no longer give a warning message when changing text box columns to be larger than 50.
83139 The line with the design theme color showing on top of the column heading has been removed for table panels with no panel headings.
83142 When deleting a record, the deleting record event is now fired at the business tier layer.
83154 Certain applications no longer throw 'Exception while building: Index (zero based) must be...' pre-compilation error after application migration.
83161 Dropping a TabContainer control inside a Record control no longer throws an exception when a button is configured within one of the tab panels.
83206 Migrating C# files has been updated to identify the location of new Using statements.
83211 Added RunQuery and RunNonQuery methods to the Stored Procedures class.
83215 The Detail tag in .report and .word configuration files is now properly read. Updated online help.
83218 Code Customization Wizard example "Hide Controls Based on Logged-In User" now works for Active Directory security.
83236 The HTML Quick View editor has been replaced by the HTML tab.
83239 The code customization example for calling on your own stored procedures has been updated to work properly with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.
83243 The "Hide Table control when empty" Code Customization Wizard example is noted as not appropriate for the Search and Edit page.
83244 The Turkish "I" and "i" characters no longer cause problems while seaching, filtering, and other actions.
83245 Creating records in Microsoft SQL Server where the primary key is of type uniqueidentifer now sets and returns the proper primary key value.
83253 Fixed problem in Panel Wizard failing to update master-detail panels because of an HTML parsing problem.
83259 The "InternalUse:Datasource" pass-through attribute is set to "URL" for Record pages when added via the New Page Wizard.
83282 Iron Speed Designer now gives an appropriate error message when disk space has run out.
83290 Adding a table inside of another table no longer throws an exception when parsing the HTML layout file.
83291 The "Dynamically Update Sum on Table Without Postback" Code Customization Wizard example no longer throws an "InvalidCastException" error.
83294 Scanning MySQL view schemas no longer throws an exception.
83305 Once activated, Iron Speed Designer starts normally if your machine is not connected to the Internet.
83306 Creating records in Microsoft SQL Server where the primary key is of type uniqueidentifer now sets and returns the proper primary key value.
83326 Error messages have been changed to include all inner exception messages, if any.
83349 Application users can now open PDF or Microsoft Word reports if the application is running under medium trust.
83353 Problems supporting Oracle tables names with 30 characters have been resolved.
83355 The "Multiple Dropdown Fields That Dynamically Update Each Other" Code Customization Wizard example no longer gives a "cannot select multiple items" error when selecting a value from the first dropdown list the second time.
83384 The Data Import Wizard no longer terminates data file importing when data errors are encountered.
83430 The Sign-In page now redirect to the proper page after signing into a migrated application for the first time.
83431 When querying a Microsoft Access database schema, field names are used as display names for computed fields and for fields that do not have a specific caption defined.
83435 Large List Selector controls now work properly when the corresponding table name contains a dot (".") character.
83455 Increment and Decrement buttons are now disabled when an associated text box control is disabled.
83466 Tables named 'Page' can now be used to generate pages.
83468 Updated the "Customize Exported File Column Headings" Code Customization Wizard example.
83500 The GetRecord method has been changed to be overridable.
83510 The Image Button, Push Button and Link Button when set to 'Save data on table or record' now save table data appropriately.
83513 Clicking a disabled Date text box no longer displays the pop-up Calendar control.
83536 Iron Speed Designer no longer hangs when saving HTML pages containing JavaScript.
83554 Troubleshooting tests have been updated to include the .NET 3.5 framework.
83558 Permissions for the Add, Edit, Copy, and Delete icons are now saved when setting Active Directory security.
83650 The Page Properties dialog now preserves the Rows pass-through attribute for list box controls.
83677 The CreateQueryClause method is now generated with the appropriate operator for URL queries.
83699 Data Import Wizard now supports the List Separator character specified for the UI culture of the current end user as specified on the Select Language Page.
83711 Picture images are now displayed within table panels whose names have contain characters.
83726 Applications that use Microsoft Access now properly locate the database file when the connection string contains a relative path to the file such as "...;Data Source=Southwind.mdb;..." or "...;Data Source=..\Southwind.mdb;...".
83745 The "Filter Table Control by Logged-In User" Code Customization Wizard example now has correct C# syntax.
83762 Added an 'override' keyword in the C# "Set Field Values for Logged-In User" Code Customization Wizard example.
83777 Updated the "Debugging Inside Iron Speed Base Classes" documentation.
83815 The second field in the "Display Foreign Key as Multiple Columns from Foreign Table" Code Customization Wizard example now displays correctly.
83845 Added Dispose DirectoryEntry calls in all Active Directory related classes to fix a syncronization problem.
83846 To improve performance, applications now let the database determine the default sort order unless the sort order is specified by the application.
83865 Added 'Culture' and 'Language' to ReservedWords.xml.
83894 All controls in the Header panel can be enabled and disabled independantly of other controls.
83906 The automatic type-ahead feature in search filters now works when using stored procedures and more than 20 fields are searched.
83910 Creating records in Microsoft SQL Server where the primary key is of type uniqueidentifer now sets and returns the proper primary key value.
83955 Single Sign-In now works regardless of the operating system, i.e. it works on Microsoft XP workstations and any server as long as this computer is in the Active Directory.
83991 Output window messages now include the full URL of the file where the problem occurred along with the exect line and position inside the file.
84038 A search capability has been added to the Application Security Wizard to filter large Active Directories.
84045 The Output window now displays the file name and line number of the error.
84185 Radio button list fields are now validated when RequiredFieldValidator:Enabled is set to True.
84194 Language settings are preserved when signing out via a standard facility such as the 'Sign Out' link in the header.
84214 A search capability has been added to the Page Properties dialog's Security tab to filter large Active Directories.
84261 The GetStatistic() function in BaseClasses now handles the case where no rows are returned by the query.
84262 During application migration, the appcode\shared\crypto.vb (cs) file is now updated in the migrated application.
84390 The 'style="display:;" style attribute has been removed from all pages since the associated expand/collapse function is now Ajax-based.
84553 Tab Panel titles can now be set to a resource key and can be changed based on the user-selected language.

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