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Our professionally-designed layouts are intuitive and flexible. Pages are easy to customize, so you can choose what to include.

Every page is a master-detail page

Standard Application Features

Standard Application Features

Data Entry Forms

Robust Data Entry
Efficient data entry panels update multiple tables in a single transaction. You can even edit multiple records in a convenient spreadsheet format.

• Rich text editors
• Calendar date selectors
• File upload and download
• Built-in data validation
• ADA Section 508 support
• Complete transaction rollback ensures data integrity

Data-Driven Mobile Applications

Tablular Data display Record Display Easy Menu Selection
Easily develop applications for Apple, Android and other mobile devices which are ready to submit to the App Store and Google Play.

• Mobile-optimized page layouts
• Intuitive page navigation
• Integrated application security

Application Security

Application Sign-In
• Page- and component-level access control
• Single sign-on
• Remember user name and password
• Lost password retrieval
• Data and URL parameter encryption

Mapping and Geolocation

Mapping and Geolocation
• Display Google Maps
• Build location-aware mobile apps
• Filter and sort records by proximity to your location
• Convert from street address to latitude and longitude


Visualize important trends with automatically configured charts and graphs.

• Summarize key performance indicators
• View past and present data quickly
• Double-click chart elements to see underlying data


A PDF report in the Alps page style
A single click opens reports that can be emailed, copied and annotated.

• PDF and Microsoft Word reports
• Supports third-party reporting tools
• Email or print any table
• No run-time or per-seat license fees!

Data Import and Export

Data Import and Export
• Export to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and reporting
• Export to ASCII CSV for easy file sharing
• Import data from popular file types

Workflow Email Alerts

A Workflow Email
Automatically send email notifications at key points in your business process.

• Alert users of pending tasks and status changes
• Personalize emails without programming
• No SMTP coding required

Database-Driven SharePoint Applications

SharePoint Application Generation
• Uses SharePoint themes and master pages
    for application consistency
• No new APIs to learn
• Integrated SharePoint security provides single
    sign-in capability
• Creates SharePoint Solution Packages


Choose your language...
• Quickly generate multi-lingual applications
• Switch languages at run-time
• Arabic & Hebrew right-to-left language support
• Customizable language translation files
• Location-specific currencies and dates
Paul Modiano, President of Logical Developers "Using Iron Speed Designer saved me from customizing the vast majority of pages in this application."

— Paul Modiano, President of Logical Developers

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