Announcing New
Iron Speed Designer Version 2.0 Features!

Now with C# code generation and Microsoft Access support!

Whether you prefer C# or VB.NET, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server, Iron Speed Designer Version 2.0 helps you build sophisticated, custom database applications in record time!

Language Support

  • C# code generation. Generate C# code just as easily as VB.NET. Use either CSC (C# compiler included in the .NET framework) or Visual Studio .NET to compile your application. Quickly switch between C# and VB.NET for the same application!

Database Support

  • Microsoft Access support. Build applications for Microsoft Access databases in addition to Microsoft SQL Server. Enjoy full foreign key support, including “display foreign key as” and Access lookup tables. Enterprise Edition includes virtual foreign key and virtual primary key support as well the ability to use both Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access within the same application.

  • Add and Edit Record pages for database views. Create Add Record and Edit Record pages for editable views. Just add a virtual primary key to the database view to enable the page creation. (Enterprise Edition feature).

  • Read-only database support.Iron Speed Designer automatically checks Microsoft SQL Server database permissions, and for read-only databases, only Show Table and Show Record pages are created; no Add Record or Edit Record pages are created. For Enterprise Edition users, inline SQL is automatically created instead of stored procedures for read-only databases.

Upgrading Iron Speed Designer from Version 1.7 to Version 2.0

  • Iron Speed Designer Version 2.0 will be installed in a separate directory from Version 1.7. Version 2.0 can be run independently of Version 1.7.

  • Version 2.0 requires a new license key. You'll automatically receive the license key if you purchased your license within 90 days of release of Version 2.0 or if you have a current maintenance agreement. To purchase an annual maintenance agreement, just visit the Iron Speed store or call us at 1-650-215-2220. Visit the My Account page of the Iron Speed Technical Support System to retrieve your new license key. Your Iron Speed Designer Version 1.6 and 1.7 keys will not work with Version 2.0.

Upgrading Applications to Version 2.0

  • Iron Speed Designer Version 2.0 may require you to modify the custom code enhancements you have made to the safe classes.(Automatically generated code is migrated automatically.) Our support staff can assist with your migration process.

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