Iron Speed Designer V8.0.0 Release Notes

Issue Description
11528 Memo fields in a Microsoft Access query are no longer truncated to 255 characters.
11586 The Add WHERE Clause dialog box now allows the comparison with the Id (default) or the Display Foreign Key As value.
11630 Fields of type uniqueidntifier that use database functions newid() or newsequentialid() are now marked in Designer as "Computed in DB: Yes".
12578 For SQL Server insert/update commands, added 'SET ARITHABORT ON' just before doing the insert or update if the table has any computed fields. This is needed in case the database has 'Arithmetic Abort Enabled' set to False by default.
86102 The SetLanguagePage was replaced by a dropdown language list in the page header, so all problems related to the Set Language Page page are resolved.
86743 You can now construct email addresses and image link using formulas.
86979 Iron Speed Designer now properly generates the Populate method for DropDownList and ListBox controls, so the number of items in the control is not limited to 500.
87000 Iron Speed Designer no longer crashes when creating a VPK in certain circumstances.
87001 User-specified textbox column width is now preserved when scanning for schema changes as long as it is less than or equal to the database field width.
87031 Now the default login ID value is properly migrated to formulas using the UserID() function during application migration.
87035 After recreating a proforma page, the classic menu selection highlight is no longer lost when the application runs.
87068 Changed the deployment solution to use the application name as the install name.
87133 When synchronizing database schema, any changes that result in automatic modifications to generated pages such as removing elements from the page are now listed in the output window.
87140 For pages created by the Application Wizard, field labels and filter labels now have property text values if the pages are created in non-default folder specified via the Application Generation Options Dialog.
87149 Applications now compile properly affter changing the CheckedValue or UncheckedValue properties for FieldValue checkboxes followed by changing the control type.
87166 The Display Foreign Key As setting is preserved when synchronizing database schema and the column in question has multiple foreign keys or virtual foreign keys.
87177 If a database name, view, or custom query name starts with an underscore, the corresponded large list selector is now displayed properly.
87180 The export code loop can now execute more than one time if needed.
87190 DateTime fields now use a roundtrip format for URL parameters in order to not lose precision. This resolves the inability to retrieve records that have DateTime primary key fields.
87205 Iron Speed Designer now generates correct code for field filters when the field has a list of permitted values.
87218 When calling custom stored procedures and using output parameters of a string type such as varchar, the calling application can now set the parameter size in order to get the full string value instead of just the first character due to the default parameter size of 1.
87254 Designer now uses a registry setting for FipsAlgorithmPolicy which changes the encryption policy on a machine, causing Iron Speed Designer to lose its activation status. The user will be warned on startup if the registry setting could cause a problem.
87296 Expand and collapse in the Application Security Sizard no longer causes automatic expansion and selection.
87310 The region statement code generation code is now parsed properly and displayed on the Code tab.
87314 Enter key capture works properly for dropdown controls.
87359 A file upload field value control now has client validation by default only if the corresponding database field is a required field and the control is within an Add Record panel.
87363 After clicking the expand/collapse row button on an editable table panel, the changes in the editable table panel are no longer reset.
87372 Clicking a table column sort link during application runtime now sorts the table by the clicked column only.
87375 Where clauses are saved properly for child table based on a custom query.
87382 If a control is invisible because the corresponding table row has been deleted, then table row formula functions such as Sum and Avg will not take those invisible controls into account.
87383 The Sign In page now wraps error messages.
87403 You can now use the IN operator with ROLES such as "= IF("ironspeed\mlam" in ROLES, "in", "not in")".
87484 The Formula tab for GEN:literal/label/textbox and ASP:/literal/label/textbox are displayed correctly if the control is inside of a surrounding record or workflow control.
87487 Stored procedures are generated properly for cases where tables or views have multiple foreign keys that reference the same parent table.
87489 The email address editor now includes record controls when appropriate.
87494 Handling of unrelated panels in the toolbox has been improved to postpone reading the schema of any individual table until it is actually used one at a time.
87547 MySQL no longer returens control characters for default values, causing table XML to be non-parsable.
87593 Tables with foreign keys of type uniqueidentifier are now handled properly when saving records on pages that include one-to-many or one-to-one relationships.
87603 Correct transaction boundaries are now set when child controls refresh parent controls.
87611 Default parameter substitution for email now uses the display value, not the raw column value.
87612 The NullReferenceException no longer occurs in SecurityContriols. If Session is not present, SecurityControls functions return an empty value.
87613 Added comments to DataAccessSettings class properties advising not to use it to simply get userID.
87690 If a control is renamed or pasted into another cell, the corresponding validation property settings are now retained.
87703 Iron Speed Designer now generates long line of code such that .NET framework 4.0 no longer gives "An expression is too long or complex to compile" error.
87708 Fixed typo in Code Customization Wizard: Highlight a Record Row Based on a Condition.
87734 Multi-level menus no longer overlap in Chrome browser.
87753 The Migration Wizard now migrates Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 applications.
88024 Improved tip for Field name property in Application Explorer -> Databases.
88049 Online help has been updated to explain the required component in Visual Studio 2010.
88096 IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted is no longer set for Oracle transactions as this was sometimes causing ORA-01453 errors, especially when accessing tables via Oracle Database Links.
88107 The sort order of a dropdown list has been fixed.
88127 Coming attractions page now displays properly.
88209 Iron Speed Designer generated applications no longer show warning messages related to unused local varibales when the application is opened using Visual Studio.
88210 Now the generated code inside the Where Clause statement of Populate method uses a valid column name if it is a reserved word.
88223 Code generation for the Set method now handles quotes and avoids compilation errors.
88225 Migrated applications do not show compilation errors related to Idictionary; all occurances of IDictionary now use the entire namespace which resolves the problem.
88229 In the Application Wizard, when displaying server.db.table, changed the display values to make sure the server and db name are not the same, or else only display the server name.
88312 Iron Speed Designer now checks on startup if Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is installed, and warns the user if it is not.
88333 The method to populate a large list selector has been fixed so that the display value of an item will no longer be confused with its ID.

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