Iron Speed Designer V11 Release Notes

  New Features
  Native Mobile App Generation.
  Modern Grid Styles.
  Continuous Panel Scrolling.
  Modal Pop-up Pages.
  Simplified User Interface.
  Souped-up Batch Wizard.
  Other Changes
  Replaced Live Preview browser to allow it to run on 4.5 framework.
  New Ajax Toolkit library.
  IIS Express support for 4.5 .NET framework.
  Fixed copy-paste Many to Many as well as drag and drop.
  Tab Container and Tab panels enhancement to hide them when needed.
Issue Customer Reported Issues
92327 Prevent passing non-encrypted URL parameter when encryption is required.
92381 Code Customization Wizard remembers selection on step 1.
92414 Fixed page generation for image only tables.
92446 Users can add URL parameters on the Quick Selector File Name property.
92447 Web Method declaration in VB includes full namespace.
92456 Field "master" will get alias to differentiate from master page.
92474 For an application created by 9.2.0 or earlier with database name same as one of the tables, runtime will not have problems after migration.
92493 Fixed addition of filters to header of Many to Many in Repeater.
92499 If the application links more than one database, Query Wizard will display the proper databases on Table step.
92520 For VB.NET, emails can be sent with encrypt URL parameter.
92575 It is possible to use resource value for Page Title.
92576 Using new encryption algorithms, Rijndael is default.
92578 When new row added, first element gets focus.
92579 Designer generates concurrency logic in Stored Procedures for Views with Virtual Primary Keys.
92581 On the application runtime, items on asp:dropdownlist are properly sorted according to Query Wizard, OrderBy step.
92589 Optimistic concurrency for Inline code for SQL server and MySQL.
92706 The data access layer now contains a larger set of table definition files, so creating the deployment folder now removes all these files from the deployment.
92730 It is possible to use Visual Studio 2010 for SharePoint applications.
92737 Removed vulnerabilities for Cross Site Scripting and SQL injection attacks.
92787 On Application Wizard, you go to Virtual Key step to define VPK and click Finish button to create a new application, Iron Speed Designer will only generate pages per tables per page types without duplicates.
92811 Fixed some cases when "Please select" in the static list is removed from FieldFilter, the FieldFilter will not have problem on initialization during postback.
92842 Now the required field validator will properly evaluate the label text formula defined in the database tab and show a proper validation message.
92854 Regular expressions allowed for SQL Server and Like/not like operators work properly for all databases.
92863 Improved performance of database schema synchronization.
92885 Reduced size of Javascripts loaded to a page.
92908 Stored Procedures correctly alias fields with table name to avoid ambiguity.
92929 Filter and search properly searches in the number column and does not return results if string is not a number.
92932 QuickSelector enhancements: Enabled property.
92951 Iron Speed Designer now detects all versions of the .NET 4.5 framework correctly.
93018 JQuery.js is now referenced by project file and included in deployment to avoid Javascript error.
93024 Fixed code about saving data when an editable panel is in a table panel but not nested in the repeater region.

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