URL Parameter Passing

Go to a Specific Page in a Table Panel

This customization shows how to pass calculated values in URLs.
Table Control
Select a table control where you want to display specific page
Applies to
Page class
''' Override the Sub Page_Load_InitPageSettings() in the Page Class to go to specific page.
Protected Overrides Sub Page_Load_InitPageSettings(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

    ' If not IsPostBack Then
    If Not Me.IsPostBack Then 
        ' Set the PageIndex to the value passed via the URL
        If (Not (Me.Request.QueryString("page")) Is Nothing) Then 
            Me.${Table Control}.PageIndex  =  (Integer.Parse(Me.Request.QueryString("page")) - 1)
            ' Call the DataBind() method to refresh the page
        End If
    End If
    ' Return MyBase.ModifyRedirectUrl
    MyBase.Page_Load_InitPageSettings(sender, e)
End Sub

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