URL Parameter Passing

Go to a Specific Page in a Table Panel

This customization shows how to go to specific page in a table panel based on the page number retrieved from URL.
Table Control
Select a table control where you want to display specific page
Applies to
Page class
/// Override the Sub Page_Load_InitPageSettings() in the Page Class to go to specific page.
protected override void Page_Load_InitPageSettings(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // If not IsPostBack Then
    if (!(this.IsPostBack))
        // Set the PageIndex to the value passed via the URL
        if (this.Request.QueryString["page"] != null)
            this.${Table Control}.PageIndex = (int.Parse(this.Request.QueryString["page"])) - 1;
            // Call the DataBind() method to refresh the page
    // Return MyBase.ModifyRedirectUrl
    base.Page_Load_InitPageSettings(sender, e);

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