Filter Data

Add Additional Where Clause to Table

This example demonstrates how to customize the filters used to determine which records data is displayed in a Table component.
Database Table
Select the database table displayed in the page
Table Control
Select the table control
Filter Field
Select a database table column which will be used to filter content of the table
Applies to
TableControl class
''' Override the CreateWhereClause of the table control to add a filter.
Public Overrides Function CreateWhereClause() As WhereClause
    Dim wc As WhereClause
    ' Call the MyBase.CreateWhereClause() which will include all
    ' the filter and search criteria selected by user.        
    wc = MyBase.CreateWhereClause()

    ' If MyBase.CreateWhereClause returns nothing
    ' create a new instance of WhereClause.
    If (IsNothing(wc)) Then
        wc = New WhereClause
    End If      
	Dim expandForeignKey As Boolean = False
	Dim isCaseSensitive As Boolean = False   
    wc.iAND(${${Database Table}ClassName}.${Filter Field}, BaseClasses.Data.BaseFilter.ComparisonOperator.EqualsTo, "1", expandForeignKey, isCaseSensitive) 
    ' You can add additional WhereClause here      
    'Additional examples of adding WhereClause are shown below.
    ' Example 1:
    ' The resultant whereClause we want is:
    ' (MyBase.CreateWhereClause AND ( ShipCountry="usa" or ShipCountry="uk") ) 
    ' MyBase.CreateWhereClause will contain 
    ' 1. User selected filter criteria.
    ' 2. User selected search criteria.    
    ' Dim myFilterClause As whereClause = New WhereClause()
    ' myFilterClause.iOR(OrdersTable.ShipCountry, BaseClasses.Data.BaseFilter.ComparisonOperator.EqualsTo, "usa")
    ' myFilterClause.iOR(OrdersTable.ShipCountry, BaseClasses.Data.BaseFilter.ComparisonOperator.EqualsTo, "uk")
    ' wc.iAND(myFilterClause)        
    ' *************************************

    ' Example 2:
    ' The resultant whereClause we want is:
    ' (MyBase.CreateWhereClause OR ( ShipCountry="usa" and ShipCity="LA") )
    ' Dim myFilterClause As WhereClause = New WhereClause()
    ' myFilterClause.iAND(OrdersTable.ShipCountry, BaseClasses.Data.BaseFilter.ComparisonOperator.EqualsTo, "USA")
    ' myFilterClause.iAND(OrdersTable.ShipCity, BaseClasses.Data.BaseFilter.ComparisonOperator.EqualsTo, "LA")
    ' wc.iOR(myFilterClause)
    ' *************************************

    ' Example 3:
    ' The resultant whereClause we want is:
    ' (MyBase.CreateWhereClause AND ( OrderDate<= "2/3/1997" )    

    ' Dim myFilterClause As WhereClause = New WhereClause()
    ' myFilterClause.iAND(OrdersTable.OrderDate, BaseClasses.Data.BaseFilter.ComparisonOperator.Less_Than_Or_Equal, "2/3/1997")
    ' wc.iAND(myFilterClause)

    Return wc
End Function


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