Code Customizations

Iron Speed Designer provides over 200 C# and Visual Basic .NET examples to help you customize your code.

Actions After Add, Edit, Save
Redirect to Another Page when Show or Edit Record Page Cannot Retrieve Data
Save Table and Add New Row in One Click
Display Record's Description Through AJAX
Download a File from the File System
Upload a File to the File System
Upload an Attachment to a New Record
Set Audit Fields on Insert
Set Audit Fields on Update
Button Customization
Get ID of Saved Record in Button Click Handler
Override the Delete Button Handler
Override the Save Button Handler to Modify and Redirect URL Values
Computed Values
Count Distinct Values in a Table Column
Create Dependent Quick Selectors
Create Dependent Quick Selectors
Crystal Reports Integration
Create Report in Microsoft Visual Studio
Generate PDF Report
Use Parameters with Crystal Reports
Data Grid
Change MouseOver Cursor from Arrow to Hand
Conditionally Format DataGrid Column Text
Populate GridView with Your Own Database Stored Procedures
Data Types
Format Table Column Data
Validate Table Column Data
Display Conditionally
Display Record Separators in a Table Panel
Dropdown List Handling
Multiple Dropdown Fields that Dynamically Update Each Other
Redirect to Another Page when Dropdown Field Changes
Email Integration
Configure Email Server Authentication
Error Message Customization
Custom Error Message on Adding Record
Customize the Default Error Message
Use RegisterJScriptAlert to Display Messages
Event Handling
Catch Selected Index Changed Event in a Table Panel
Export Data
Customize Exported File Column Headings
Customize Exported File Columns
Filter Data
Add Additional Where Clause to Table
Multiple Filters that Dynamically Update Each Other
Hide Controls
Hide Table Control when Empty
Highlight Controls
Highlight a Record Row Based on a Condition
Multi-lingual Application
Add Dropdown List To Choose Language Of Application
Set Pagination Size Programmatically
Security and Authentication
Application-Wide Page Security
Customize Application Authentication Behavior
Customize Page Security Enforcement
Dynamically Set the Start Page Based on Logged-In User
Perform Special Processing when Logging Out
Store Extra Information at Sign-In Time
Selected Row Handling
Add Copy Record Button
Handle Selected Record on a Button Click
Set Field Values
Initialize New Record from Existing Record
Set Field Values for Logged-In User
Sort Data
Handle Sort Event
Stored Procedures Customization
Add Records with Your Own Database Stored Procedures
Populate GridView with Your Own Database Stored Procedures
Retrieve Multiple Records with Your Own Database Stored Procedures
Third Party Control Integration
Use External DLLs in Applications
Use Microsoft's Calendar Control to Pick Dates
Update and Add Data
Add New Record
Check If Record Already Exists Before Saving Data
Create a DataTable Object
Pre-Create Blank Rows in Table Control
Update Record Data
URL Parameter Passing
Go to a Specific Page in a Table Panel
Passing calculated values in URLs
Set URL parameters using ModifyRedirectUrl
Use XML Encoded Primary Key Passed via URL
Validate Data
Disable Concurrency Validation
Validate Field Value Immediately
Web Services
Add a Web Service to Your Application
Delete an Existing Record Using External Web Service
Insert a New Record Using External Web Service
Update an Existing Record Using External Web Service

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