Professional-Looking Web & Cloud Applications

Feature-rich pages

Our professionally-designed layouts are intuitive and flexible. Pages are easy to customize, so you can choose what to include.

Master-detail pages
Emailable and printable pages
Multi-level menus
Filtering and sorting
Full text search
Drag and drop customization

Speed data entry

Efficient data entry panels update multiple tables in a single transaction. You can even edit multiple records in a convenient spreadsheet format.

Editable master-detail pages
Rich text editors
Calendar date selectors
File upload and download
Built-in data validation
ADA Section 508 support
Complete transaction rollback ensures data integrity

Easy internationalization

Quickly generate multi-lingual applications
Switch languages at run-time
Arabic & Hebrew right-to-left language support
Customizable language translation files
Location-specific currencies and dates

  "Using Iron Speed Designer saved me from customizing the vast majority of pages in this application."

— Paul Modiano, President of Logical Developers

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